For Bulgarian VPN connection - use the following VPN server
For Germany VPN connection - use the following VPN server
For Netherland VPN connection - use the following VPN server

Our purposes

  • Our purpuses and targets are to bring you into the internet space while your connection is encrypted, safe and secure.

    Using our VPN services you will be able to access Bulgarian internet resources such as forums, blogs, torrent trackers etc. wich usually are inaccessible while you are not located in Bulgaria.

    Moreover, you will get a public IP address from Bulgarian IP address plan. Thus, your internet connection become untrackable and the content you are accessing could not be decrypted.

    The newest service is vurtual servers (VPS). The system allow you to manage your own virtual server with public static IP address located in bulgarian IPv4 address space. You have full root access to the server,you can install your software, database, web server, PBX server and so on.

About the site

Our site will provide you a completely full statistics about your payments, traffic logs and time sessions. There will be a possibility for inviting friends (refferals) and getting gifts if they connect us.

We will provide you a very flexible and creative management of your account, billing and refferals.